North Carolina Small Business Health Insurance

Small business owners in North Carolina can find, compare, apply for, and enroll in group health insurance plans through SimplyInsured. Pricing varies by state, but is only dependent on the ages of employees and their dependents. Having pre-existing conditions such as high blood pressure or diabetes no longer impacts the cost of insurance for a specific individual. In order to be eligible for small group health insurance, you must have two people in the company including owners, at least one of which is a W-2 employee. You can apply for group health insurance any time during the year - you do not need to wait for an open enrollment period. The application process can be done online through SimplyInsured and can be completed in minutes.

Small business insurance in North Carolina is pre-tax, which means the amount you spend on premiums is exempt from employer and employee taxes. This provides you a 30-40% tax benefit on the cost of insurance.

There are many plan options in North Carolina. To determine the best plan for you, assess your budget and the health needs of your employees. If employees expect to utilize more care and need flexibility in the providers they see, PPOs may be preferable. These plans have wider doctor and hospital networks, and you do not need a referral to see specialists. If employees will seldom require care and do not have specific preferences for providers, HMOs with higher deductibles may be preferable. Generally, PPOs have higher premiums than HMOs. If you expect pregnancies and surgeries, check the plan details to see the cost of hospital visits. If your employees take prescription drugs, check the cost of both generic and brand drugs at the pharmacy.

SimplyInsured offers more than a hundred plans from top carriers in North Carolina. As a top-producing broker, we have preferred status with several carriers, which ensures our clients' needs are met quickly and thoroughly. We take pride in our high customer satisfaction scores, and work to improve the customer experience everyday.

Below is more information about the health insurance market in North Carolina, including statistics and descriptions of all major carriers.

North Carolina Medical Insurance Statistics

No. of carriers available through SimplyInsured 1
No. of plans available through SimplyInsured 127
Average deductible $2,500
Average cost of doctor visit $100
Average cost of hospital stay $4,500
Average out of pocket maximum $5,600
Average employer contribution* $230
Average employee contribution* $530
* including dependents, for the last year, based on SimplyInsured data

Average Out of Pocket Maximum & Deductible for North Carolina Group Medical Insurance Plans*

Monthly Premium Range Average Out of Pocket Maximum Average Deductible Percentage of All Plans
$0 - $300 $6,900 $5,300 7%
$300 - $500 $5,600 $2,400 89%
$500 - $700 $2,300 $700 4%
$700+ - - -
* Monthly premiums are calculated for one 30-year-old

Available North Carolina Plans by Network Type

Network Type No. of Plans Available Median Monthly Premium
HMO 13 $357
PPO 44 $371
POS 70 $386

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